DIS is a Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) who provides conference management services. On a consultancy basis we assist you with the process of planning and managing all the essential components for your conference or larger meetings. DIS founded in 1952 and is the leading PCO in Denmark.

The degree to which our professional help is needed will depend on the skills, experience and secretarial resources available in your association. We offer a complete solution or a helping hand in e.g. registration, venue selection or DMC services.

Get the accurate offers and contracts

DIS has the experience and Know-how of our market place and we appreciate the good and reliable relations we have to the local suppliers. Hence the ability to negotiate accurate contracts and offers.

Keep a close eye on budget

DIS makes sure that the budget is sound and that nothing is overlooked. Thus you avoid the risk of overlooking significant details.

Relevant law and tax issues

DIS has extensive experience with Danish laws and tax issues related to conferences plus sponsorship and exhibition management, which can give a large contribution to the Conference.