Organising a conference is a time-consuming and challenging process; therefore, a trustworthy and reliable partner is needed to plan, produce, and execute a congress successfully. The experienced team of Congress by design (Cbd) knows what it takes to organise a productive and memorable conference. Our team handles all the logistics so clients can give their delegates the needed attention during their conference.

Congress by design is a leading full-service Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) in the Netherlands, offering high-quality services to international clients. Congress by design is a PCO that stands out due to its personal and intensive partnership.

Cbd is certified by IAPCO, the International Association of Professional Conference Organizers.

At Congress by design we have mastered the process of successful event organisation and we excel at it every step of the way: from project management and budget development to registration and onsite coordination.

We understand the significance that a congress can have for our clients’ reputation and we ensure that the conference will meet your organisation’s objectives and expectations.